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Dedication, can-do, specific innovations and personal leadership make SMEs and Tech-Startups the pearls of the industry. The specific challenges of these companies are our passion.

For Investors and Top Managers

  • Mentoring

  • C-level sparing

Management team

  • Corporate profiling

  • Go-to-Market consulting

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Strategic portfolio

  • ...

Consultants and sales specialists have their fiels of excellence and their area of operation. Being part of SECOIA means to expand ones potential, while further focussing on serving the clients.

Refresh and competence

  • Education on standards & technologies

  • Interfacing into key working groups

  • Network of competence and tools

Governmental and NGO agencies often need to rely on external expertise. This needs to be unbiased and provided dilligently.

Refresh and competence

  • Bidders-Management


  • Tender writing & evaluation services*

  • Expertise

* subject to selfassessment of no-conflict of interests

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