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1. Datacapturing



2. Deduplication

3. Substrate

4. Personalization

5. Issuance

6. Authentication


CROC-Identity Management Platform

The CROC-Identity Management Platform is a collection of data management and data storage services. It processes the biographic and biometric data captured at the time of registration and creates a unique identity for each individual, which is, irrespective of the content.

CROC-Identity Management Platform is a central repository of identity information of individuals containing biographic data such as name, address, gender, age, and biometric data such as the fingerprints, Iris and face. It’s the central hub that ensures data is held securely and can be retrieved, updated and maintained efficiently.

The CROC-Identity Management Platform closely interacts with the Registration and Authentication Solution, ABIS for Biometric Deduplication of registrations and Adjudication for administrating biometric duplicates.

Once the situation allows and actual identities are to be issued, the datasets can be deduplicated, using an Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS). A secure and reliable high performance system which ensures that every identity registered is unique.

Deduplication Screen.png

Adjudication - joining automated and manual id management

The system addresses three core functions:

  • Deduplication (N:N). Checking for duplicate identities while new subjects are added

  • Identification (1:N). Searching for an identity

  • Verification (1:1). Verifying a claimed identity and delivering results in real-time


The Adjudication solution is a web-based software application that facilitates the manual duplicate reviewing process. The adjudication officers use this application to decide whether it concerns two different persons or an actual duplicate record that needs to be passed on for further handling.

(a) Deduplication (b) Identification (c) Verification


√   Deduplication (N:N)

√   Identification (1:N)

√   Verification (1:1)

√   Label independent matching

√   Multi-modal (Iris, vein, fingerprint) - Optional

√   Extension Management-interaction with 3rd party tools

√   Web-based application

√   Quick restart and full disaster recovery


√   Easy to integrate, using REST-interfaces

√   User friendly interface

√   Flexible setup (Centralized or hierarchical level)

√   Lower maintenance  

√   Ultra-fast (1 billion fingerprint matches per second)

√   Low cost solution using COTS-components

√   Updatable, without delay or rebooting

√   Compatible system, using standard protocols

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