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SECOIA Executive Consultants is an independent consultancy practice, supported by an extensive global network of experts with highly specialized knowledge and skills.  We work internationally with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border, aviation, transportation and homeland security.



SECOIA is a word creation of SECurity and sequOIA, the impressive trees. They are upright, firm, pointing upwards like arrows. Sequoias don't stand alone - they are held firm and stable by interwoven roots with fellow sequoias.


The addon of "Executive Consultants" underlines that we like to work together with our clients to share responsability in implementing the decided strategy.

The logo suggests the global reach, the positive, upwards developments achieved and working as a team of SECOIAs



SECOIA Executive Consultants is based in Switzerland. However, its partners and affiliates are globally present. The network is specialized on

  • Europe

  • Central- and South America

  • Aequatorial Africa

  • South-East Asia

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The key-markets covered by the team of SECOIA are

  • Banknotes & Payment

  • Travel document & systems

  • C2I & Perimeter Security

  • FinTech / Retail KYC

  • Brand protection

Code of Ethics


SECOIA and it's members are dedicated to clean business. The commitment is summarized in below Business Code of Conduct and is available for download by clicking

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