​​SECOIA is a young at mind, highly professional startup in the security industries. We work as Consultants Boutique for small and medium sized companies, working for a bigger sales impact with stronger solutions. Working for SECOIA means many possibilities, unconventional approaches, room for development. Always result driven and in the interest of a long lasting customer relationship and strategic growth. We work in our homeoffices and on the customer premises.


Today we are recruiting:

Senior Project Manager (50%) - Fintech Market

You are passionate about and experienced in Business Process Consulting. You enjoy and have proven your agility in interacting with C-level / senior management, international cultures, and the IT-industry. You are fluent in english, ideally complimented by german and/or french. You will be working from your home-office and on-premise at clients as required. Self-management and flexibility is a must. Feel like seriously contributing to customer success and the growth of this young company? Looking forward to have an impact and celebrating achievements? Let us know about yourself, your motivation, qualification and success-stories.

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