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1. Datacapturing


2. Deduplication

3. Substrate


4. Personalization

5. Issuance

6. Authentication



Security documents need personalization and layered security, added at the point of issue, to truly combat document fraud and data misuse. The CROC-system adds securely generated verification structures and personalized data (including biometrical data) which prints via inkjet securely to the document.

Every individual has the right to have a certified identity. Governmental bodies and NGOs face the task of providing well-managed processes and find suitable solutions adapted to meet the challenges of document issuance environments. SECOIA and our solution partners have developed a comprehensive, document security system capable of performing in these challenging environments.

CFD-Printer 556 SecureUV.png

CROC-printer, model 556 Secure UV: Inkjet printer

The CROC-Personalization system delivers a total solution to prevent forgery, falsification, and fraudulent alteration of high security documents. Unique features make it easy to add personalized, invisible UV data for covert security (highlighted below in the fluorescing images). Digital authentication features (QR code) support document verification and audit traceability to quickly verify originality and combat fraud.


√   Inkjet personalization adapted to the CROC-substrate

√   UV 365nm-fluorescent, invisible print

√   Encrypted QR-code

√   Anti-copy pattern

√   Biometric data storage for offline verification

√   UV-Ghost image of portrait or other image

√   3rd level security features

√   Optional security taggants


√   Invisible, fluorescing digital watermarks and images

√   Personalized microprint

√   Digital QR-code authentication

√   Anti-copy pattern


√   Colors:

√   Type of personalization

√   Speed

√   Volume per printer (pages per month)

√   Security:

√   Printing Resolution:

Typically CMK-UV (4 ink tanks)

Inkjet, decentralized (over-the desk)

Up to 55 pages per minute

Volume: 7'500 / Duty cycle: up to 80'000

Printer paper tray lockable

1200 dpi

Generating personalization layouts and printing individual data on the CROC-documents

"Robust" signifies heavy duty documents, designed to meet extraordinary challenges. The versatility of the printing design enables easy-to-use templates and a security concept that is impressive, meeting requirements to secure sensitive documents. The ease of deployment and operation is highly suitable even in the most demanding environments.

Movie 1

Security features in the documents (excerpt)

Movie 2

Printing of a document. Discover:

- Various features of the printer

- The printing speed

- The solid ink drying and smear resistance


√   Adjusted printing for CROC-substrate

√   Substantially lower power consumption vs D2T2-printers

√   No additional security foils required

√   Global Hewlett Packard (HP)-support network

√   High quality color portraits

√   Fast document production

√   Scalable for various project topologies

√   UV 365nm personalization in one run

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