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CRIMBM Consulting Services

Civil Registration | Identity Management | Border Management

Public Authorities

Diligent. Competent.

Public Sector, Intergovernmental Agencies and Civil Society often need to rely on external expertise. This needs to be unbiased and provided dilligently. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),  specifically part 16.9 requiring every person to have access to their legal identity, are our key topic: Civil Registration (CR), Identity Management (IM) and Border Management (BM). We help you understand where your organization or project stands, what the gaps are, your options to close them, and how to procure the required services.

Your key advantages and outcomes
  • One single partner for a complete, 360° solution review in the field of Civil Registration, ICAO TRIP Strategy, Identity Management and credential-centric border management.
  • Access to recognized, proven subject matter experts.
  • Broad expertise in the field of developing standards and best practice.
  • Engaged to make complex topics understandable to a broad range of stakeholders.
  • Reduced tendering risks.
  • Dedicated to zero conflict of interest.

Our offering

Consultancy customized to your needs

In close cooperation with you, we develop CRIMBM concepts that are tailored to your needs. This minimises risks and gives you back control over all elements of your Identity landscape.

Effective, easy to work with, transparent and sustainable: these are the attributes that characterise a good identity management framework - the one from SECOIA. Our consulting team supports you with in-depth expertise in crucial areas: Civil Registration Regulation and Policies, Identity Management / Evidence of Identity, production of credentials (physical, digital, hybrid), Issuance processes, and use of these technologies in your bordercontrol. We make your government service robust and create an effective identity security culture with you.

You can count on SECOIA

With structured analyses, we identify weaknesses and optimisation potential in your processes and IT architectures. Individual coaching and customised training make you and your staff fit for all the challenges of your governments identity procedures.

The choice is yours: choose SECOIA as a sparring partner who advises you. We support you effectively with broad expertise and many years of experience in operations.

CRIMBM - Offeing
CRIMBM - Key Outcomes

The SECOIA service bundle for TRIP Consultancy

  • Review of ICAO TRIP implementation
    Conduct of interviews, field research and review of documentations to understand your current status of the ICAO TRIP implementation compared to the defined practices in ICAO Doc 9303, Technical Reports and upcoming technologies currently being defined in the working groups (EFOD). The fitgap analysis visualized the topics, fields and clusters with high adoption rate, and areas with work required. Specific recommendations are developed and submitted.


  • Procurement advisory
    Development of requirements catalogues, deconflicting objectives, support on amending regulations, writing of tender requirements, tender evaluation, review of shortlisted contenders for their capacity to meet their commitments: We work hand-in-hand with your policy-makers and specialists to implement your next-generation services and solutions.


  • Regulations advisory
    Consulting and advisory on developing Identity Management Regulations, considering various UN-stakeholders and migration best practices. Also policy development for Breeder Documents and eCertificates are within scope.

  • Capacity building - Trainings
    Conduct of trainings on the subject of Identity Management, Travel Credential Security and Intelligence Driven Border Management. Onsite or remote. Conducted as training or workshop, including collaterals and eLearning format as required.


  • Capacity building - Guides
    Development of Guides, training-materials (SOPs) and User-Centric tools. These tools are custom-made to the specific user-group and the objectives, facilitating staff and officers to be uptodate for their jobs, following best practice and the defined policies.


  • Capacity building - Strategy & Tactical Workshops
    Conducting workshop on all levels of the government, facilitating understanding of the various requirements in the context of the introduction of CRIMBM-systems and services. Our focus lyes on creating a common level of understanding by "translating" the complex subjects into the context of the various stakeholders. This is applicable for national systems development, as well as for cross-border travel facilitation / Free Movement Zones.

CRIMBM - Servie Bundle
Sub - Procurement Advisory
Sub - TRIP & Training
Sub - Regulations advisory
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"No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides" - Spinoza

Find out the options you have, and make the best choice. I will gladly answer your questions personally:

Stephan D. Hofstetter
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

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