Identity. Understood.
Connecting the dots

We are a consulting company

for identity management, civil registry and border management.


A billion people have no legal identity.
Implementing the response is full of challenges.

Our approach

 Our approach embodies who we are: a community of facilitators and problem solvers who come together in unexpected ways to deliver sustainable outcomes for the public sector, Intergovernmental agencies and the specialized industry. Our collaborative approach is intended to have a positive and lasting impact on stakeholders and communities.
Our specialized topics

We help you meet your objectives in the ever-evolving fields of Civil Registration, Identity Management, eDocument Issuance and Border Management.
Diligent. Competent.
Capacity building, facilitation and implementation strategy for public identity management.
Success driven. Creative.
Portfolio development, tender response and bid management, capacity building.
Experienced. Trusted.
Blended fields of experience in multiple sectors, geographically distributed under one trust-framework.
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