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Success driven. Creative.

Small & Medium size enterprises as well as startup companies are typically innovative and strongly dependant on market success. Investors and C-Managers are both result driven while entertaining great operational dedication into the individual business operations. However, resources are limited and they often need to rely on external expertise. This needs to be unbiased and provided dilligently. 

​​​We help you understand opportunities, find complementary and compatible partners and to make your offer relevant to your prospects.

Your key advantages and outcomes

  • New business opportunities based on your competences, thanks to insights into untapped market needs and developing standards.

  • Cooperation with a pool of successoriented, competent business developers

  • Improved market communication based on market needs.

  • Higher successrate in tender procedures, thanks to our refinded method to responding to RFPs.

Our offering

Taking your competence to the next level

In close cooperation with you, we match market needs with your competence and so create a win-win-win situation for your corporate entity, the public administration and society.

We screen the public sector and civil society for challenges that haven't found their taylored solutions, yet. And we work with the various standardization bodies and incubators to understand the next generation models. In this basis we can shape your competences and assets into a remarkable market response. Partnerships with likeminded companies round off your portfolio, turning the offering into a solution.

You can count on SECOIA

With structured analyses, we identify potential within your portfolio or market approach. Individual innovation workshops, updating your pitches, even sharpening of your tender responses will be a game-changer both for you and for your prospects.

The choice is yours: choose SECOIA as a sparring partner who advises you. We support you effectively with broad expertise and many years of experience in operations.

SolInc - Offering
SolInc - Key Advan

The SECOIA service bundle for incubating new business

  • Tender response writing / Bid Management
    Your offering might be the best - but the evaluators of the tenders don't see this. Perhaps due to formal issues, perhaps due to the way your present your capabilities to meet and exceed the needs.We work with you on the bid, from the winning strategy and teaming to the wording and presentation of the documents. The whole process is rounded off by the creation of bid tools and response modules to increase your efficiency and still respond in a bespoke manner.


  • Innovation management
    How can your company contribute to the community, and assure strategic readiness of your portfolio, based on core competences? We start with profiling your corporate competences versus the market needs and the current solutions offered in the market. On this basis we work with your teams to improve your offerings and how you communicate its relevance to meet the diverse challenges in the field of Civil Registration, Identity Management, ID-credentialing and border management. You get a success-oriented, actionable plan, and we accompagny you on the way to its implementation.


  • Capacity building - Strategy & Tactical Workshops
    Conducting workshop on all levels of your organization, facilitating understanding of the various requirements in the context of CRIMBM-systems and services. Our focus lyes on facilitating your teams understanding of the governments processes and the needs of civil society.

  • Standardization & Market requirement insights
    Contributing to the standardization bodies such as ICAO, CAPSCA, ISO or CEN is an essential and rewarding investment. We assist you in finding the suitable fields of engagement where your expertise can help shape new standards, and where your portfolio managers and R&D department will get a head start in developing solutions. We provide monitoring services to lift the burden off your staffs shoulders.


  • Strategic partnerships
    Knowing the right partners for development, projects or investments is key when high objectives are to be met. Our network spans over 5000 small and medium size companies and startups. It might well be, that we can facilitate the fruitful collaboration you have been looking for.


  • Business Development & Go-to-Market
    Reaching out to prospects, letting people and entities know about you and your capacity can be costly and time consuming. Our team of specialists can catalize this process and kickstart fruitful discussions for your team of consultants.

Sub - Tender Mangement & Standard
SolInc - Innovtio & Strat Partner
Sub - Busness Dev G2M
Sub - Strategy & Tact
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"Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple" - Dr. Seuss

Find out how to turn your competences into answers your prospects have been looking for. And make sure that they will know about it. I'll gladly discuss this with you personally.

Stephan D. Hofstetter
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant

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