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General Terms of Business

Guidelines for consulting contracts
  1. With our Consulting, Support and Coaching Services we wish to respond to the needs and requirements of our client. Therefore, we expect that he informs us completely about objectives and purposes of the project.
  2. The designated partner of SECOIA Executive Consultants AG performs our services personally. Other staff members and / or business partners execute only auxiliary tasks or act as deputy in a case of emergency.
  3. The complete confidence between client and consultant is a prerequisite for successful consulting. Both partners depend on complete information from each other.
  4. We guarantee our clients confidentiality, independence and undivided commitment. However, we reserve the right to reuse general know-how won in the work.
  5. We guarantee that we perform our tasks with all necessary care. However, we do not warrant success or accept any liabilities.
  6. We keep the promised deadlines provided we receive the promised information and supporting documents etc. on time
  7. The client may use the results of our work for its intended purpose. However, without any special agreement, all other rights resulting from our work remain with SECOIA Executive Consultants AG. (e.g. copyrights).
  8. Our fees and the remuneration of our expenditures are according to the tariffs of the relevant professional associations. As a rule we charge for our services on time-base. We ask for your understanding, that we request reasonable advance-payments. We request payments within 10 days net.
  9. Without special agreement, the client or SECOIA Executive Consultants AG may, by written notice, terminate the given mandate at any time. We will take immediate steps to bring the services to a close and to keep expenditures at a minimum. The client will in such a case compensate all the fees and expenditures which occurred until the termination.
  10. Any dispute or difference arising out of a mandate, including those considered as such by only one of the parties, shall be settled under Swiss law; place of jurisdiction is Zurich / Switzerland.
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