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Builders of a better, safer world.

SECOIA Executive Consultants is an independent consultancy, supported by an extensive global network of experts with highly specialized knowledge and skills.  We work internationally with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border, aviation, transportation and homeland security.

Key advantages and outcomes

  • The team members work as individual experts, driven by success with the power of a common working environment.

  • We stick by our commitments, and we rely on long-term happy partnerships with our customers.

  • We are close: The team is spread across the continents, cultures, time zones and fields of expertise.

CRIMBM Consulting
Diligent. Competent.
Capacity building, facilitation and implementation strategy for public identity management.
Solution Incubator
Success driven. Creative.
Portfolio development, tender response and bid management, capacity building.

SECOIA in numbers

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Our Values

SECOIA is a word creation of SECurity and sequOIA, the impressive trees. They are upright, firm, pointing upwards like arrows. Sequoias don't stand alone - they are held firm and stable by interwoven roots with fellow sequoias.

The addon of "Executive Consultants" underlines that we like to work together with our clients to share responsibility in implementing the decided strategy.

The logo suggests the global reach, the positive, upwards developments achieved and working as a team of SECOIAs.

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Grey Round Patterns

SECOIAs great team of associates and network members

SECOIA Executive Consultants, a renowned consultancy and provider to the public sector, Inter-Governmental Organizations and specialised industry, works with a team of 20 independent experts in all key areas of Civil Registration, Identity Management and Border Management related to the ICAO TRIP strategy. We advise you with commitment, competence and pleasure on all topics of CRIMBM and accompany you during the implementation.

Management Team

Hofstetter, Bruno 3.png

Bruno K. Hofstetter

Chairman of the Board

Stephan D. Hofstetter

Managing Partner

Individual Consulting / Project Management Team

Prvinsek Peroglio, Alenka

Alenka Prvinsek Persoglio

International Expert
Civil Status, Citizenship


International Expert
PKI and Digital Identity Credentials



International Expert
Civil Status, Citzenship

Erik Slavenas.png

Dr. Erik Slavenas

International Expert
Legal Identity & Migration

Tony Dean.png

Tony Dean

International Expert
Document Forensics and Border Security

Portrait Roland Anliker SECOIA.jpg
Schindler, Samuel

Roland Anliker

Senior Consultant
Secure Documents & Processes

Samuel Schindler

Senior Consultant
Printing & Material Technologies



Legal Expert
IPTech, International Commercial & Trade and Antitrust

Sow, Hadji Aly.jpg

Hadji Ali Sow

International Expert
Vital Statistics



International Expert

Business Development Team

Meiresonne, Guy Junior
Steven Roelandts.png

Guy Meiresonne

Sr. Business Developer
Central African Region

Guy Junior Meiresonne
Business Developer Central African Region

Steven Roelandts

Lead Business Development APAC



Business Development



Sr. Business Developer
FinTech DACH

Daniel Prieto.png
Francisco Mandiola_SEC.png
Jaramillo, Mario Kopie.png

Daniel Prieto

Sr. Business Developer

Francisco Mandiola

Mario Jaramillo

Sr. Business Developer South America

Code of Ethics


SECOIA and it's members are dedicated to clean business. The commitment is summarized in below Business Code of Conduct and is available for download by clicking

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