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700 Million

Disaster-caused international Migrants IOM World Migration Report, 2015


First document system developed with challenging environments in focus

Every individual has the right to have a certified identity. Governmental bodies and IGOs/NGOs have the task and challenge to provide for well-managed processes and find suitable solutions adapted to the various situations such documents are to be issued in. SECOIA and its solution partners have developed a comprehensive system capable to perform in very challenging environments.

The situation

Identity and travel documents are, depending on where you operate, issued in clean, well connected offices. And the document bearers will be able to take care of them during the regulated service life.


However, this often isn’t the case. A vast number of issuing bodies and their depending population cannot rely on such ideal circumstances. When it comes to forced migrants and disaster management, the time and supply component become even more challenging. Conventional approaches are highly reputable, but often are not truly suitable:

The environmental situation, the logistical and issuance challenges as well as budget constraints require a better solution than the conventional.

Traditional solutions

Paper based documents are, in most cases, either printed on office paper (nonsecure, non-durable), security paper (better security, better durability), and sometimes on plastic sheets (non-secure, durable). For use-cases that need to be both secure and very robust, the most popular choice is moving onto a card.

This has an impact on most of your workflow, starting with a multitude of consumables (ie. cards, print ribbons, holo patches etc.), and the infrastructure for issuance. In the last few years, various cases have emerged where the system requirements and the budget involved were underestimated. As a result, both goals of longevity and security are often missed when the budget is too limited to do it right.



  • Operational with unreliable power-supply

  • Issuance capable to operate with limited or no WAN-communication

  • Documents need to be resilient to extreme dirt & humidity as well as severe means of carrying.

  • Consumables need to be forgiving under challenging storage & operation conditions

Issuance process


  • Key secure component need to be split and separately stored
  • Issuance process needs to be managed, separating compe-tences and authorities
  • Capable to handle clans as well as individuals in various stages of identification


  • Balancing Budget limitations and making sure objectives are being met.

1. Datacapturing


2. Deduplication

3. Substrate

4. Personalization

5. Issuance

6. Authentication

Key Requirements

The CROC-system consists of a polymeric paper, mixing synthetic fibres with pulp and then processing it on actual paper machines by adding embedded security features.

Security features as you would expect from secure document paper combined with robustness in most severe conditions are serious characteristics. For the printing you most likely can rely on your current security printing infrastructure.

Specific inkjet printers are now available, capable of deeply linking with the substrate. The data ranges from the typical visual data to machine readable encrypted QR codes. Select solutions offer to print the data additionally in UV fluorescent ink, adding additional layers of security. Where needed, the issuance infrastructure is complemented by buffering power supplies, allowing for continued production during a power failure of several hours.

An important aspect to consider is the logistical security: how can stocks be secured and how can the issuance process be protected from single points of infiltration. Avoiding having blank documents already carrying most security features, these should be spread out into various phases of issuance, both physically and by authorisation to access and use. Thus, only the combination of multicomponent physical and digital elements will finally constitute a rightful document. Replacing the widespread chops or stamps by highly secured and trackable security seals rounds off such a concept.


Hybrid Certificates and card carriers


Cards on lettershop carrier

- Social Security Card

- Student ID

- Working Migrant ID

- ...


Registration certificate with integrated registration-card

- Refugee registration
- Birth Certificate for young adults

- Student ID

- Drivers License

- Vehicle Registration

- ....


- Registration of birth

- Birth certificate

- Vital events record

- Land title

- Diploma

- Refugee registration

- ....

Cards (ID-1 format)

Sheet with 8 cards (batch)

- Social Security Card

- Student ID

- Working Migrant ID

- Military ID

- Staff ID

- ...

Single card
(no lamination


Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-24 um 13.54.22.png

Substrate Numbering: Engraved (left) / Punched (right)


Security Seal (top)
Hologram (low)


Security Fibres (top)
UV-Personalization (low)


Encrypted 2D Barcodes and biometrical data carriers

The CROC-system: the solution for many cases

The CROC system


1. Registration

Collection of data as required for further processing, highly independent of powersupply. Datasoruces: Biometrics, personal data, supplied documents

2. ID/Authentication / Deduplication

Processing of personal data with the objective of uniquely identifying, authenticating the individuals, and deduplicating any applications

3. Personalization

Generation of personal datasecurity sets. Personalization of data on document, comprising various individual security features

Prozessgraphik Kopie.png

4. Substrates

High performance substrate warrants for high longevitiy. Tested to extreme conditions

5. Issuance

Issuance authority is seperated by tracked issuance security seals.

6. Authentication

After issuance the identity of the document holder and the authenticity of the document are verified

Screener of BeyondVideo.png


√   Not requiring constant WAN-connectivity

√   Power-supply independence up to 10 hours

√   Secured issuance process

√   Highly competitive versus card-based issuance

√   High-security concept in the basic configuration

√   Extraordinary robustness of personalized document

√   Biometric-enhanced

√   Flexible formfactor, expandable to specific use case

System Components
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