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Lahnpaper and SECOIA present:

Innovative, super durable and secure documents

Welcome to the extended virtual booth of Lahnpaper and SECOIA. We are happy to serve you with a more complete view on our offering. We have you covered when you need:

✔ Secure Breeder documents and ID cards


✔ Exceptional lifetime and performance

✔ De-central issuance and secure supply chain

✔ Consultancy in procurement and deployment


Enjoy these select resources made available to you, or reach out directly to us for a personalised and free consultancy session.

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Tuesday Dec 09, 16:50 - 17:10 CET

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Christian Drissler
Business Unit Manager "Security" | Lahnpaper

We pivot on secure, reliable supply chains and are particularly proud to be offering a most robust and flexible substrate for breeder documents and even ID cards.


Stephan D. Hofstetter
Managing Partner | SECOIA Executive Consultants

Our efforts are for supporting governments and IGO agencies in their efforts to deploy adapted and highly performant systems, uniting leading edge biometrics and outstanding physical credentials at low cost.


Guy-Junior Meiresonne
Regional Sales Africa | SECOIA Executive Consultants

Our priority in supporting the administrations in Africa is to provide an open and highly cost-effective tool-box. With this achieving key aspects of SDG16.9 is within reach for all.


Kathrin Pueschel
Marketing Manager | Lahnpaper

We support our clients with a unique, robust and secure substrate for the issuance of identity documents. We stand for highest quality in customer care and reliable communication with our partners.


Lahnpaper is a key player in the security segment and offer intelligent solutions for the optimization of security functions: our durable and extremely robust security substrate neobond® is the perfect choice as protective layer for embedding chip and antenna in passport inlays or as permanently secure documents.


neobond® is the only existing substrates combining a multiple choice of embedded security features such as watermark, fibres and planchettes with extreme durability. Our security substrates permit all manner of intelligent security features – individually tailored to meet your specific needs.


SECOIA Executive Consultants is an independent consultancy practice, supported by an extensive global network of experts with highly specialised knowledge and skill set.


We work internationally with senior leaders from government, intergovernmental organizations and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border, aviation, transportation and homeland security.


SECOIA provides review and analysis services for governments in the field of Civil Registry, Evidence of Identity, Security Document issuance and border management. Also, SECOIA specialises in forming and grouping companies for sustainable, ethical sales success. Adding to the consulting and coaching activities, SECOIA offers Bid management-Coaching and RFP preparation / Procurement assistance for Government offices and NGOs.

CROC is an acronym for "Consortium for Robust, Official Credentials". This is a group of Small and Medium Sized, specialized companies with a very unique competence set.


The members are united with the whole power of Owner- and C-level commitment to provide the people and governments with an adapted toolbox for breeder documents and various forms of ID-documentation. 

The webpage visualises with various graphs, movies and specs the solutions power.

Introducing the Companies
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Experience innovation at work
and be inspired how it can contribute to your projects

1min document testing


6min systems documentation

2min BeyOND Card workflow



Download Interesting documentation on the CROC-Solution, components and the companies


Whitepaper: CROC-Toolbox


Neobond® Security Portfolio

Product: CROC-Card "BeyOND Card"


UseCase: Vehicle Registration Mexico


Lahnpaper Corporate Brochure



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It is the first backpack made of recycled ocean plastic worldwide. The backpack combines sustainability with sophisticated design. It is water resistant and unique like noebond® security substrates.


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