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Roland Anliker

Senior Consultant Secure Documents & Processes

Portrait Roland Anliker SECOIA.jpg

Roland Anliker has over 30 years of relevant practical experience. Since his retirement in 2016 he has continued to provide his expertise to various companies especially related to security audits and production management.



Roland is a very experienced security printing expert with appointments both for the Swiss Government for over a decade and for the private industry. With wide-ranging know-how on the side of diligent government procurement processes as well as in the production and auditing of security cards (ID-/ pass- / bank- cards).


As senior officer of the Swiss government he conducted the evaluation of the Swiss ID cards and the Swiss passport. Later he headed the production of the documents as well as the personalization of them as project manager. In this function he regularly visited, evaluated and audited products and document manufacturers worldwide. He conceptualized, realized and operated a secure factory in the card production.


He is eager to provide his experience in occasional mandates where he feels he can contribute.


  • Secure Document Manufacturing

  • SmartCards

  • Security Audit

  • Process management

Business Segments

  • Governmental ID

  • Banking Cards



As a technician in the field of building construction, as well as a broadly based computer scientist, he has successfully managed large secret projects in the military area as well as the establishment of a media center (Federal government data issue) in the digital printing sector.


As a member of various senior management boards both on behalf of the Government and within the industry diligent work and behavior is assured.



Authority Disclaimer

This member has the power to execute consulting mandates worldwide on contracts confirmed by SECOIA. However, he may not bind SECOIA to any obligations

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