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ID4D - CROC for Vital Records, Humanitarian Aid, Good Administration - Ground breaking possi

SECOIA presented at the fifth annual ID4Africa conference, leading the CROC-Systems Consortium on various exhibitors stands. The meeting of the movement of the same name campaigns to achieve ID-for-all on the African continent.

The nations and its officials are pursuing the path to provide best governance to its citizens from a comprehensive Civil Registry over an internationally accepted ID and travel documents and seamless experience in government interactions and travels.

While in 2018, during the 4th edition of ID4Africa in Abuja, Nigeria the discussions mainly evolved around refugee and migrants, this year the topic of civil registry and vital records were predominant.

SECOIA showcased together with its members of the CROC-Systems Consortium (Consortium for Robust Official Credentials) a comprehensive toolbox for creating extremely robust, very secure and fully adapted documents, ranging from letter-size birth-certificates, over modular vehicle registration documents with integrated windshield seals and cards.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG2030), the World Bank Groups’ Identification for Development (ID4D) initiative and the adapted challenge „No Person left behind“, SECOIA is showcasing a toolbox, facilitating a global credentialing in most challenging environments.

Many aspects of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are addressed by CROC

Every individual has the right to have a certified identity, laying the foundation for so many aspects of an independent life. Without identity, there is (mostly) no possibility to legally acquire a SIM-card; a key element for connecting with relatives and humanitarian organizations. Governmental bodies and IGOs/NGOs have the task and challenge to provide for well-managed processes and find suitable solutions adapted to the various situations such documents are to be issued in.

Lack of reliable, adequate credentials lead to security risks and exclusion. Highly sophisticated systems, but non-reliably operational for what ever reason cannot assure these higher objectives. Likewise, non adapted, rugged and flexible credentials can be cause for administrative insecurity, additional costs, personal despair. CROC seeks to address these aspects consequently and to continuously improve to do so.

SECOIA and its CROC-solution partners have developed a comprehensive system capable to perform in very challenging environments.

On one hand, physical document systems are often costly, bound to limiting boundaries and little adapted to challenging environments. On the other hand, purely digital or biometric systems are facing a promising future. However, the data sovereignty and operation with fragile connectivity are still a challenge to be mastered, especially in connection with a humanitarian crisis.

Diverse challenges need to be considered when setting out a system.

Stephan D. Hofstetter, Managing Partner of SECOIA, encourages organizations:

Copying highly functional solutions from industrialized countries will often not result in the expected performance, especially under budget constraints. Administrations and IGOs deserve an adapted solution fully designed to their requirements. That is the champions league!“.

This comparison / positioning of various systems was performed by the expert audience at Reconnaissance HSP EMEA in Malta in 2019. Together with solutions such as laserengraved Polycarbonate Cards, CROC is positioned at the highest robustness position, while showing much more moderate costs.

The solution was showcased at the booths of Genkey, Troy Group, Secoia - with Lahnpaper and Biorugged, totaling several hundred reference projects for the individual components.

SECOIA is humbled by the 70 qualified discussions with various international delegations, some in very progressed status. We are looking forward to creating a surely groundbreaking and prize-worthy initial showcase with one of these delegations very soon. Who will it be?



To review the specifics and possibly even to watch educational videos, join us on

Governmental representatives may request access to the additional pages (subject to manual approval).

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us as questions arise.




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