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60seconds of inspiration

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

SECOIA launched in January 2021 the "60 seconds with..." initiative as contribution to the public and specialized industry. It is a contrapoint to the many webinars, as it will only take 60 seconds of your time.

Persons with a message meet here with persons seeking inspiration. How can we improve our response to Civil Registry, Vital Statistics, Identity Management or Border Management? What are differences to be considered across the globe?

Starting February 05, 2021, and every two weeks thereafter, a new "60 Seconds with..." a person will speaking on the subjects of Legal Identity, Civil Registry, Systems Requirements in places of special interest and more. It will be available on including keywords for your quicker navigation in finding a contribution relevant to your topic.

Want to contribute? While there is already a very inspiring lineup of contributors, we welcome your proposals. Contact us on if

Want to interact?

Be sure to follow us on linkedin, where we hope to see an engaging discussion! And follow the Hashtag #60sec

We are excited about this and looking forward to inspiring you, and an engaging exchange!


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