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"Crisis-fit document-system" - Presented @ HSP Asia 2018

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

SEC 23.10.2018 -- SECOIA will be attending the Reconnaissance High Security Convention in Hanoi, Vietnam taking place December 3-5. Together with Lahnpaper we will be giving a presentation on the subject "Crisis-fit document-system, between paper and cards.

Functionality, security and durability of documents are reflected in various national and international standards, and are subject of great attention when authorities are procuring new solutions. Budgetary constraints are an additional factor when designing the solution.

Various industry partners have now come up with a solution highly fit for documents issued in challenging situations.

The presentation details on use-cases covering typical breeder-documents, camp- and refugee papers. The presented workflow covers the production characteristics, issuance and use of the documents while evaluating aspects of system resilience, durability, process security and document security.

The turnkey solution by SECOIA and its industry partners adds new possibilities for Governments and NGOs in designing cost-effective, crisis-fit documents for decentralized issuing processes.

Check back for the presentation after the convention.


More info: Stephan D. Hofstetter,




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