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Big data: from marketing to safer streets

01.03.2019 / KJD 58: Keesing Journal of Documents published in its most recent edition an article on predictive analytics for intelligence led policing. To read the full article, please click on below image or link.

Intelligence-led policing has been around since the 1990s, but as elements such as profiling are still controversial and there are no universally established procedures for acting on the intelligence, success has been limited. In the private sector, big data has been successfully used in precision marketing and credit risk analysis. Ethical and legal constraints have been limiting governments in their use of predictive methods while commercial options seem rather ‘open-sky’ in comparison. Anonymised data collected by the private sector could be used to enhance models of criminal projections. How predictive analytics can improve crime prevention has therefore become the subject of a study.

Download the article: Stephan D. Hofstetter, "Big data: from marketing to safer streets - Can commercial big data improve pre-crime analytics?". Amsterdam: Keesing Reference Systems B.V., copyright, 2019. Reprinted by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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