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Infosecura: A lifeline in a crisis

30.03.2019 / Infosecura: The special interest information magazine from Intergraf published in the March 2019 / Vol 79 edition an article on emergency travel documents and the challenges faced by systems in demanding environments.

Issuing secure temporary documents to desperate people in appalling circumstances is something normal passport offices or consulates will likely never encounter. But for organisations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross it is part of their daily work and whatever the conditions, the temporary documents they issue still have to be correct, reliable and secure. The ICRC Emergency Travel Document is designed to help in a crisis. It may in the future even become a crisis-fit-document, a concept that defines the technical and organisational steps required to make documents survive a crisis in full functionality.

Source: Infosecura,, Brussels, March 2019, Vol 79, p15-16



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