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New category of Security Documents

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

05.12.2018 - SECOIA developed together with industrial partners a highly rugged document for issuance in most difficult use-cases: CFD - Crisis-fit document

SECOIA has been working with several small, highly specialized industry partners to create a new category of documents for the security industry. It grounds on the synthetic security paper Neobond® from german Lahnpaper. It incorporates all expected features for a security paper combined with a extremely performing characteristic. Important is to understand, that this is an actual paper based on fibers, and not just a plastic sheet.

This product gets personalized by a specially formulated ink, including UV components "and more", and printed with specific patterns created by secure and encrypted algorithms. The TroyGroup is recognized for this kind of work. The solid binding between substrate and print is demonstrated in below trailer.

The issuance process and critical data are additionally protected by a security seal, itself including numerous security features and unique identifiers.

Finally the each component can be additionally secured and tracked by the use of the source-controlled and secure technology of TraceTag.

Testing the CFD document with real-life and brutal "test-methods"

For the video several situations were tested:

  • 15km or 9 mile hike with the document attached to the shoe-soles

  • Document exposed to the abrasive effects of a high pressure water compressor

  • The substrate survived being submerged in a river for 33 years. The incredible result is documented.

  • The document being pounded by Monster-trucks in gravel terrain

  • And finally the CFD document was exposed to 26 tons of steel in form of a caterpillar in mud and gravel.

Each individual component of the document and the ETD as whole survived this treatment in fully functional condition.

Trailer video teasing on various fun-fact tests. Do not imitate at home, and no warranty given on the findings.

If you are interested in learning more about this document, don't hesitate to contact us


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