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New ICRC Emergency Traveldocument

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

SEC 26.10.2018 - The ICRC presented during the ICAO TRIP convention in Montreal their new ETD. The complete redesign was accompagnied by SECOIA.

The ICRC issues its emergency travel document for humanitarian purposes to people who do not possess a passport or other recognized travel document and find themselves unable to return to their country of origin or residence, or to proceed to a country offering temporary or permanent refuge or asylum.

These people could be asylum seekers, refugees, migrants in particularly vulnerable situations, displaced people or stateless people.

However, the ICRC issues these documents only as a last resort, when authorities are not in a position to provide a document. The holder must have the necessary visas and meet the travel requirements. It is valid only for a one-way journey.

The new concept is based on an A4-format security paper in order to be digitally printed. However, it still can be issued manually, if the situation requires. The layout considers to a maximum the ICAO regulations for Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD), while the machinereadability is due to the nature of issuance not possible, yet.

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