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Silicon Trust Webinar: The big issues

Building a COVID-19 Travel Document for a Post Pandemic World – APAC Edition

Following up on a first webinar on the subject back in November, the Silicon Trust held another event for the APAC-region. Speakers covered topics: NFC routes to multi applications in payment and eID, and discussing hardware-based assistance for international travelling when it comes to a COVID-19 health card. Stephan Hofstetter from SECOIA covered the topic of how to facilitate travel in times of a pandemic.

While many presentations covered the topic from an economic and technical perspective, the presentation of SECOIA took the view of the pan-national stakeholders. Non-discriminating systems-design, sustainability as well as the privacy and legal aspects require to be observed when designing a solution.

SECOIA stands by Governments, Agencies as well as consortias in identifying the stakeholder requirements, mediating and aligning them as well as defining workpackages that can be addressed by the technical, legal, scientific and societal specialists.

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Steve Atkins, Chairman of silicon trust, with the speakers during the webinar

Presentation on societal, social, economic, technical, legal aspects. The presentation is available for download from here


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