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1. Datacapturing


2. Deduplication

3. Substrate

4. Personalization

5. Issuance

6. Authentication


CROC-Datacapturing / Enrolment

Reliable, versatile and flexible data capturing is essential for getting the document issuance process off to a good start. The CROC-Datacapturing module is designed to securely capture and verify identity information, even for large populations using multiple biometric modalities and biographic data.

The CROC-Datacapturing and enrollment system is grounded on a highly portable and independent device, capable of capturing a multitude of data related to the individual or to a clan. The solution can work with both on-line and off-line setup where in the latter case, the collected registration data is uploaded to the central system when the device is on line.

The versatility of the software and its biometric engine allows for fast and incremental registration, adapting to various grades of situations.


The CROC-Datacapturing device can capture biographical data, portraits, fingerprints and data from documents

Pictures on the right:

(a) Sample datacapturing device

(b) Biographic data capturing

(c) Fingerprint capturing

(d) Facial capture

(e) Automatic questionnaire

(f) Registration slip

The CROC-Datacapturing device can capture biographical data, portraits, fingerprints, and data from documents. In the course of an identification exercise, the load between enrolment and verification might shift. The solution adapts to this flexibly: The devices can be dynamically allocated to various exercises and thus ensure that your budget is invested in a highly efficient, performant way.

The CROC-Datacapturing uses a flexible and cost-effective hash function to secure biometric templates which complies with the ISO/IEC 24745 standard for Biometric Information Protection, providing benefits for secure storage, verification, and authentication. This hash function allows storing the information in a standard 2D barcodes or QR codes.


√   OCR-data capturing from documents

√   Manual data capturing / Data entry

√   Fingerprint Biometrics

√   Iris data capturing (optional)

√   Contactless chip data reading

√   Photo capture

√   Vital data recording (optional)


Secure data transfer to central site

Windows, Android

Market leading supplier for large-scale registration in
challenging environments

√   Security

√   Operating System

√   System


√   Power-Supply

√   Build

√   Communication

√   Connectivity

√   Camera

Changeable long-life battery, or
integrated, rechargeable powerpacks

Ruggedized, IP67 compliant, biometric registration device

WLAN, GSM, SatLink, SIM card, GPS

USB, Micro USB, Bluetooth, NFC (optional)

HD camera, 1D/2D and QR barcode reading

Operation of the datacapturing device

"Robust" requires a robust, flexible and rapidly deployable system, fit to meet extaordinary challenges. This system has proven its aptitude to meet the various challenges in many regions of the world.

Introduction to the registration & verification process


√   Not requiring constant WAN-connectivity

√   Power-supply independence with battery-packs

√   Secured issuance process

√   Highly rugged solution

√   Field-proven

√   Flexibly scalable

√   Devices usable for capturing and verification

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