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Security Seal

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1. Datacapturing


2. Deduplication

3. Substrate

4. Personalization


5. Issuance

6. Authentication


CROC-Security Seals / Issuance

An essential element in the production of secure documents is the actual step of issuance. The CROC-system offers the possibility to segregate the last phase from the previous, making the system more robust against unauthorized document production and issuance.

For the CROC-system each security feature and each investment must perform to its maximum. During the issuance process a security seal is applied by the authorized officer.

Compared to traditional dry or wet-stamps this CROC-Security Seal contributes strongly to the overall security. For one it is a uniquely identified, numbered element offering a full audit trail and should be stored separately from any other systems component.

Seal - Application.png

The CROC security transfer seal, individually numbered and transfered without any additional carrier. Just like a "high-security printer in-the-box"

For two, it adds to the overall security of the document and the personalization. Due to the translucent make, it can be applied late in the process and protect key data. As such it exceeds any pre-applied element in its functionality.


"Security-printer in-a-box": The security seals come in practical dispenser-boxes and are applied without any carrier to the document.


√   Individual numbering, QR-code on release latch

√   UV fluorescent print

√   Phosphorescent print

√   Thermochromic print

√   Carrier-free transfer

√   Machine readable LaserSecure pigments

√   Colour-shifting ink

√   IR reactive pigments



transfer film

√   Application technique

√   Transfer-technology

Technical parameters




√   Size of seal:

√   Substrate colour

√   Quantity in application box

√   Power-Requirement

Circular, 25mm (shape and size configurable)


200 - 250 (depending on size of seal)





Application of the security seals

"Learn how to apply the security seal and discover some of the functions.




Movie 1

Application of a CROC-Seal to a document. Discover features of the sample security seal.





√   "Security printer in-a-box"

√   Configurable to requirement

√   Linkable to commercial work-flows

√   Completely power-independent

√   Full audit-trail

√   Transfer without any carrier

√   Securing process, document and key-data

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