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Celebrating 8th anniversary

On 17 July 2022, SECOIA Executive Consultants Ltd celebrates its 8th anniversary. We are grateful to all our clients who have trusted us to solve specific tasks for them. And we also thank our various business partners who make all the difference.

Since its establishment, the SECOIA team has served more than three dozen small and large companies, helping them understand opportunities, find complementary and compatible partners and make their offerings even more relevant to their prospects. We have provided company selection, strategic proposal management and portfolio development (more).

Many government and intergovernmental clients rely on SECOIA's consulting partners to conduct comprehensive reviews of their identity and border management implementations, develop regulations, training and manuals on the topics of civil registration, identity management, border management and biometrics (more).

We are proud of our achievements. And while we celebrate these successes, we do not take your business for granted. We continue to strive to support our clients and so to contribute to a better and safer world.



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