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ID-Day 16.9.2022

#identityday, #idday, @id4africa

Every person has the right to participate fully in their society and economy and to be recognized as a person before the law. Yet, as many as 1 billion people across the world do not have basic proof of identity, which is essential for protecting their rights and enabling access to services and opportunities. Many more have forms of identification that are insecure or untrusted by service providers, or live in countries where identification systems are weak and unsuited for the digital era, or fail to safeguard people’s rights and data.

(16.09.2022) Addressing this “identification gap”—by improving the coverage, quality, and governance of identification systems that protect rights and facilitate access to services—is, therefore, critical to the development agenda.

The organizations endorsing these Principles are committed to a shared set of values, with the goal of ensuring that identification systems are inclusive, protective of individuals’ data and rights, and designed to support development outcomes.

Despite the opportunities that come with improving identification, identification

systems that are poorly implemented or inappropriately used can create a number of risks; these risks disproportionately affect already disadvantaged groups and can be amplified by digital technology.

Since 2018, SECOIA has been an active member and contributor to the ID4Africa movement and since the inception of the "Friends of the Coalition"-status a registred "friend". We belive in the value and objective of this movement. We contribute by interacting directly with Governments in Africa, and indirectly via various UN-organizations with our consultancy services. We shape more effective and bespoke solutions with the private industry, especially small and medium enterprises.

We congratulate ID4Africa to this 4th anniversary of the launching of the Identity-day, and applaude all the organizations, that are dedicated to achieving the objectives.


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