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SECOIA joines the UN SDG 16.9 coalition

The call for recognition of an Identity Day is a global initiative as identity plays an increasingly important role worldwide in developed as well as developing economies. It is on this basis that ID4Africa are working towards aligning key partners with the campaign to sensitize governments and countries around the globe about the responsible adoption of legal identity.

The Coalition Partners in support of International Identity Day are identity stakeholders representing leading institutions (public, governmental, not-for-profit and institutions of public interest) that promote responsible use of identity to make a better world and endorse September 16 as a commemorative day for identity.

SECOIA has been in support of these efforts for many years, and end of 2021 joined the coalition as "Friend". We proudly carry this badge and continue our support by consulting governments and industry in developing adequate solutions and services. Step by step we will guide our partners and customers towards a successful implementation of the SDG 16.9, the core meaning of the Identity Day on September 16.



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