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Identity-Day 16.9.2023

The IdentityDay (IDDay) Campaign seeks worldwide recognition of 16 September as Identity Day to highlight the importance of having proof of identity. The campaign was launched in April 2018 by ID4Africa at its 4th Annual Meeting of the Movement in Abuja, Nigeria. It is intended to address the lack of a dedicated day of commemoration for identity which is a fundamental right and practical necessity in today’s digital age.

The chosen date, 16 September (16.9), symbolically references UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, which aims to provide legal identity, including birth registration, to all individuals by 2030.

Since the beginning, SECOIA has been an active member and contributor to the ID4Africa movement and since the inception of the "Friends of the Coalition"-status a registred "friend". We belive in the value and objective of this movement. We contribute by interacting directly with Governments in Africa, and indirectly via various UN-organizations with our consultancy services. We shape more effective and bespoke solutions with the private industry, especially small and medium enterprises.

We congratulate ID4Africa to this 5th anniversary of the launching of the Identity-day, and applaude all the organizations, that are dedicated to achieving the objectives.


About SECOIA Executive Consultants Ltd We are a network of experienced professionals working in the public sector and specialized industry. Our mission is to consult the involved parties and join needs and solutions as match makers. We oversee the identification of requirements, development, evaluation, search and implementation.


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