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Meeting challenges

29.03.2019 / SEC: Experts reflected on their view of the most important challenges in issuing documents in developing countries.

There is no one-solution fits all. Knowing the specific factors to look out for, prioritize and address is an important step in evaluating the best system for official documents. During a joint presentation conducted by SECOIA and Lahnpaper at the Reconnaissance High Security Printers Conference in Malta (25.-27.03.19) numerous experts from governmental agencies and private sector from EMEA, active in the field of Identity and Currency participated in a spontaneous crowd-brainstorming.

SECOIA asked the audience to reflect on "What are the most important challenges when issuing documents in developing countries, or for emergency cases." Most of the attendees were game and offered their view.

The result can be seen in below word cloud. The more often mentioned terms are displayed in a bigger font. However, the smaller words bear alot of potential, too.

The contribution are unmoderated and unfiltered. Thus you might find some surprising contributions, too. While it is a serious subject, we appreciate good humor, too.

Want to find a serious system concept to consider for such situations?



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