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SECOIA goes solar energy

Updated: Mar 28

On the occasion of SECOIA's 9th anniversary, we have opted for 100% solar energy. This system on our HQs roof allows us to cover more than 100% of our own electricity needs (including the needs of the various consultants in the remote offices) on an annual average.

The roof of our headquarters has been completely covered with panels that are ideally oriented towards the sun. To ensure continuity, the system is capable of switching to total grid independence. Also, it powers our heat pump system.

In addition to minimising our air travel since SECOIA's inception, working with specialists already on site in various European countries, the Americas, Africa and Asia, and using videoconferencing where appropriate and possible, long before it became the "new normal", this is another step towards a greener future.

Picture Credit: Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay



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