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SECOIA joins European Association for Biometrics

Updated: Nov 11, 2018


SEC 03.09.2018 - SECOIA Executive Consultants has joined the European Association for Biometrics, a non-profit organization seeking to advance the proper and beneficial use of biometrics in Europe, taking into account the interests of European citizens, industries, academia and governments.

With the step into becoming an active member of the EAB SECOIA continues in the strategy of enhancing its consultancy and advisory capacity towards SME-Enterprises and supporting policy makers in forward looking and responsible service developments. SECOIA has become part of the community that supports the proper and beneficial use of biometrics and is represented as a community into high level policy making at national, European and international level. Clients in retail and public service now benefit from a broadenes pool of competence and collective work within the framework of the EAB.

More info: Stephan D. Hofstetter,



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