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SECOIA joins the Biometrics Institute

October 10, 2022: SECOIA Executive Consultants are excited to announce that they have become a member of the Biometrics Institute, the global, independent, impartial, international members association, which promotes the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.

SECOIA Executive Consultants is an independent consultancy, supported by an extensive global network of experts with highly specialized knowledge and skills. We work internationally with senior leaders from government and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border, aviation, transportation and homeland security. In this context, we provide guidance in Identity Management and the effective, responsible use of biometrics.

Stephan Hofstetter, Managing Partner and founder comments:

“We are looking forward to the exchange with the expert groups of the Biometrics Institute and the further development of good practices supporting responsible use of biometrics. Complexity and over-promised results are often a problem. In my experience, however, they are only part of the problem - and focusing only on them is costly and at times even endangering. In fact, for many agencies, the challenge is not the technology itself. Rather, it is about refining the policies and processes necessary to make the most of the benefits of this technology while respecting ethical and human rights principles."

The Biometrics Institute was established in 2001 to promote the responsible use of biometrics and has offices in London and Sydney. With more than 900 members from over 200 membership organisations spread across 30+ countries, it represents a global and diverse multi-stakeholder community. This includes banks, airlines, government agencies, biometric experts, privacy experts, suppliers and academics.

The Biometrics Institute connects the global biometrics community. It shares knowledge with its members and key stakeholders and most importantly, develops good practices and thought leadership for the responsible and ethical use of biometrics.


We are a consulting company for identity management, civil registry and border management, based in Switzerland with an expert network in 14 countries world-wide. Most governments are eager to participate in best practice in identity and border management. We combine knowledge, needs and competencies to guide governments and specialised industry in implementing compliant, leading multi-factor identity solutions.

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