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The Dark Side of Identity: Key take-aways

January 26, 2022: Hosted by ID4Africa and it's Chairman Dr. Joseph J. Atick a broad panel of market experts exchanged on their personal key takeaways from the Dark Side of Identity Trilogy (Episode 26). Dr. Joseph J. Atick exchanged with Stephan D. Hofstetter, Managing Partner & Senior Consultant SECOIA Executive Consultants Ltd in this one-of-a-kind discussion.

Stephan D. Hofstetter spoke on following points:

  • Based on the presentation by Dr. Yvgeniy B. Sirotin from IDS Labs (Episode 23, Segment 4): Not only people and so officers, but also systems can be biased, as their algorithms are programmed by humans. Even if they are self-learning or AI. There is a great need in constant training understanding the generated outputs of the systems and acting wisely, rather than blindly.

  • Based on the pitch by Ms Rosemary Kiesmbo from NIRA, Uganda (Episode 23, Segment 6): Identification is not primarily about technology or processes. This wouldn't sufficiently respect context, geographical situations etc. It is about openness to address the problems and by such serving the people and the core-needs, and at the same time implementing the principles of Evidence of Identity.

  • Based on the presentation by Mr Tunde Okunoye - BKC Harvard University (Episode 24, Segment 3): The point will be based on the showcased breach of Argentina's National ID registre. Physical Identity documents are not absolutely secure. Neither are digital identity repositories. In both cases the discussions need not end with the answer "If a breach can happen", but must span to "What is the impact of when it happens" as well as the Risk mitigation and management.

  • Based on the presentation by Mr. Sanjay Jain from the Aadhar project group (Episode 25, Segment 2): The discussions in the use of Aadhar in India or the eID landscape in Nigeria as well as in many other places visualize the need to a broad consulting when designing the systems architecture. Centralized versus Federated systems, prevention of privacy rights intruding data aggregations by joining Authentication of the Individual and Certification of transactions, revenue streams potentially in conflict with security and quality objectives etc.

The clippings were taken from the ID4Africa broadcast. The full recording can be found here:


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