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id4africa - with New BeyOND Card

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The 2020 edition of ID4Africa will take place virtually, during the days of December 08-10. SECOIA will be participating at the "International Marathon of Innovation", and showcasing together with Lahnpaper an extended toolbox for non-discriminatory credential systems.

By popular demand, the existing toolbox has been expanded. Now, we can provide most durable card-format documents, even more robust than polycarbonate-based implementations. The personalization is in color, including integrated 1st and 2nd level features, and enhanced by digitally encrypted data elements. The whole supply chain even in the issuance office encorporates additional checks and security features. Finally, the issuance speed is "very high", and the cost per piece makes sure, that governments making use of it will be capable of providing their citizens or refugees non-discriminatory services.

Visit our virtual booth at id4africa during the days of the conference, listen into the demo presentation on Wednesday, December 9, from 16:40 CET or reach out to us for more information.



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