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SECOIA Congratulates R. Rajeshkumar to his TRIP Award Recognition

12.09.2023 | Rajeshkumar is an active member of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 WG3/TF5, representing Singapore. Under his leadership, various technical reports such as DTC, VDS/VDS-NC and the IDB have been edited. As a result, he is a frequent and active participant in ICBWG and NTWG meetings and trainer on the digital technologies topics related to TRIP implementations. Following his significant contributions and visionary work, he received well-deserved recognition at the ICAO TRIP Summit in Montreal on 12 September.

The TRIP Award of Excellence is bestowed in recognition of the outstanding contribution of individuals to the development, promotion and implementation of the Traveller Identification Programme as a pillar of enhanced civil aviation security and facilitation worldwide.

SECOIA congratulates Rajesh to this well deserved recognition and is looking forward to an exciting roadmap to unfold in the future.



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